The Mid Range Challenge

After a big mistake on my part, my zoom lens is on the disabled list. I attached something to the lens that really screwed up the optics and mechanics of the lens. Its incredible how much computing obviously goes into modern equipment to have assists like auto-focus work flawlessly. Well, with my lens buggered and our annual trip to Watkins Glen coming up I was limited to my wide angle and mid range lenses. They’re fantastic lenses, but when your trying to capture cars at such a far distance, you need a longer lens to get certain appealing photos. A long lens give you the chance of getting a tire or two in the air, the up close mugshot of a car taking up the whole frame, or sparks and backfire coming off the back of the car. These things don’t make it into the picture when you only have a lens that can see as far as your own eye. 

I took it as a bit of a challenge, I wanted to see what kind of photos I could get without the big zoom to help me. I didn’t have the camera out all that often during the weekend, but I was paying attention to when the light was right and where I knew I wanted to grab a photo or two. 

We really just shut our brains off and took the weekend in, and it was a fantastic race weekend. I really enjoy The Glen. Its a very fast, but challenging track for the cars, and there are so many good vantage points for the spectators which makes for a golden combination.

Here is what I came away with from the Six Hours of the Glen. My pans were absolutely terrible this weekend, I really didn’t come away with any keepers but I included a few anyway. It could have been the beer, yeah, it was probably the beer.

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